Blue Bee Pals Review:
Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm by Colvard Learning, LLC  App Store Link

Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is a great place to visit to work on beginning phonemic awareness and phonics skills!  Featuring fun, animated listening activities for identifying sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words, this is a hit with my students! The app also helps work on rhyming,  sound blending, segmentation, sound  manipulation, and deletion.  I really like the engaging graphics, narrator, and option to select the specific skills you want to work on!  This app tracks progress across multiple users. There are several interactive activities for each sound for lots of auditory bombardment.  Bluebee Pals are perfect to pair with this app!

Colvard Learning is an EdTech Publisher of Early Literacy Interactive Apps Designed to Teach Reading via Phoneme and Phonics Awareness

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