Colvard Learning is an EdTech Publisher of Early Literacy Interactive Apps Designed to Teach Reading via Phoneme and Phonics Awareness



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Origins of the Programs

In 2010, author and award-winning eye surgeon, D. Michael Colvard, MD, conceived Colvard Learning out of concern for the millions of U.S. students left behind academically due to poor reading skills. Dr. Colvard examined the work of leading reading researchers and the National Reading Panels recommendations (2001 & 2008), and teamed up with animators, app developers, and teachers to produce unique early literacy edtech software programs that are rooted in the neurobiology of reading.These programs also utilize the highly effective early reading methodology of phoneme awareness advocate Dr. Diane McGuinness, author of Early Reading Instruction: What Science Really Tells Us about How to Teach Reading (MIT press)

 Video: Intro to Colvard Learning with D. Michael Colvard, MD
I love how the children interact...say the sound and then write the sound. They love the dancing...the music...the writing race with Professor Pup.Robin Dean Grantham, Reading Intervention Specialist, Morehouse Parish School District, Bastrop, Louisiana


Colvard Learning offers two early literacy tablet apps that engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners through cutting edge technology in a blended curricula:
  • Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm®
  • Pup's Quest for Phonics® [with patented "Touch Text to Sound"]
These edtech tools give teachers and students a resource to supplement skillful classroom instruction with off-tablet supplemental materials and activities that can empower both students and teachers.

Colvard Learning products have been placed in 40 U.S. schools.
We are noting very marked gains at the TK, K, and 1st Grade levels. The children are having such a great time, they don't realize they are learning [with the Colvard Learning apps].—Catherine Carvalho, Principal, St. Bruno School, Whittier, Calif.

  • Focuses on phonological* and phonemic awareness. A phoneme is the smallest distinct unit of sound in language. Words are formed by the blending of these sounds. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear the individual sounds that comprise words.
  • Lessons: Students progress from simple phoneme isolation to more complex segmenting, blending, manipulation, and rhyming. 
  • Leading reading researchers agree that a strong foundation of phonemic awareness is the greatest indication of later reading success. 
Video: Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm® is set in a whimsical farm world. 

Our younger grades--particularly Transitional Kindergarten--have seen significant increases in Early Literacy! This year we had a 73% SGP (Student Growth Profile). We credit much of this to the Pup's Quest programs.—Denise M. DeSantis, Director of Development, St. Raphael Elementary School, Los Angeles, Calif.



Colvard Learning is excited to announce New Features for Fall 2017:
  • Smaller download size! Now available on Chromebooks!
  • "Metrics" features a teacher dashboard section for Student Progress Monitoring.
  • Students can now record their voices reading and upload to the teacher's account for later review.
  • Interactive Learning: Touch Screen Capacity and Voice Recognition with patented "Touch Text to Sound." Moving a finger across a set of letters blends the sounds into a word.
  •  Lessons: Students progress from phonemic awareness to phonics by learning to associate the individual sounds of the English language with the letters that represent those sounds. In mastering this process, students learn to read, write, spell, and improve fluency and comprehension by incorporating Bloom’s Taxnomy** which supports critical thinking.

Video: Pup's Quest for Phonics® Demo

For more details about our programs, team members, and products please visit our Colvard Learning website.

*Phonological awareness includes identifying and manipulating units of oral language, such as words, syllables, and rhymes. 

**Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains was created by educational psychologist Dr Benjamin Bloom to promote analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remembering facts (rote learning).

Founder Dr. Michael Colvard's Mission Message
  • Children are naturally gifted to hear, recognize and reproduce the sounds of spoken language. Once a child is taught to recognize the basic individual sounds of the English language (phonemes), it will then be easy to teach the symbols (letters) associated with those sounds; and a child quickly begins to understand that written language is simply a code for spoken language—a code that can be learned and mastered.
  • Data from the U.S. Department of Education tells us that nearly 70% of all U.S. children are non-proficient readers.
  • Parents are desperate to help their children become more accomplished readers so they can become successful and confident learners. Yet, the overwhelming majority of "reading apps" offered are little more than entertainment masquerading as educational tools.
  • We want parents to have access to comprehensive, evidence-based, interactive programs that have been tested in schools and have a proven track record of dramatically lifting the reading skills of children.
Colvard Learning Founder
Dr. Michael Colvard

D. Michael Colvard, MD
A humanitarian at heart, D. Michael Colvard, MD, founded Colvard Learning out of genuine concern for the low literacy statistics in the U.S. Born in a rural community to a farming family, Dr. Colvard hopes that the Colvard Learning programs will help children from all economic backgrounds learn to read well, and thus "level the playing field for students."

Dr. Colvard is also a multiple award-winning eye surgeon, professor, author, and philanthropist. He founded the charitable non-profit, Friends of Vision, in 1989. He has volunteered with SEE (Surgical Eye Expeditions) since 1997, and has been on 20 humanitarian expeditions to Namibia in Africa, where he has restored sight to 5,000 men, women, and children, completely free of charge. He has also donated aid to thousands of orphans in Namibia for their educational and nutritional needs.

For further details, please see About D. Michael Colvard, MD .

Colvard Learning is an EdTech Publisher of Early Literacy Interactive Apps Designed to Teach Reading via Phoneme and Phonics Awareness